Survivor Red vs. Blue: The 2016 United States Election


Jeb Bush got voted off the island last week.

For fans of the long-running CBS reality television series, Survivor, this latest development in the 2016 presidential campaign was not only predictable – it was inevitable.

Before you dismiss this post as a lame attempt at drawing a connection between a TV show and the important processes of our democracy, consider that Survivor has clearly transcended entertainment to touch some basic aspects of the human psyche. It remains one of U.S. television’s top programs after 16 years and has been adapted for broadcast in 50 countries. Much more than a broadcast juggernaut, Survivor serves as a social experiment, a laboratory study of sociology and psychology that casts people from a wide array of backgrounds and personalities in a contest that challenges them to “outwit, outplay, outlast” their opponents.

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